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Forth Valley Welcome originated in Stirling as Stirling Citizens for Sanctuary but, from the beginning, we anticipated actively support Syrian and other Refugees who have been re-settled in Stirlingshire and Clackmannanshire. We have kept in close contact with other Refugee Support groups throughout the Forth Valley as well as being involved at national level. We changed our name to Forth Valley Welcome at the end of March 2018 to reflect the facts. Only the name has changed. Our Constitution, Charity number etc. remain the same.


The United Nations has indicated that more than 300,000 vulnerable refugees (see note1) displaced by war from Syria and Iraq need to be resettled in other countries. At the hustings meeting in the Albert Halls, Stirling, on 24th April 2015, all three of the Stirling District councillors seeking to become our MP (see note 2), namely Steven Paterson (now MP for Stirling, SNP), Johanna Boyd (Council Leader, Labour) and Mark Ruskell (Green) expressed the view that Stirling should be resettling such refugees from Syria (see note 3). Listen to their statements here. More information here.


1. Survivors of torture and violence, and women and children at risk or in need of medical care 

2. The other two candidates (Stephen Kerr, Conservative) and Elisabeth Wilson (LibDem) indicated that they were of like mind.

3. Using the funding already available from the UK Government and the EU

Who Are Forth Valley Welcome

Originally known as Stirling Citizens for Sanctuary, we are a group formed in June 2015, concerned about the plight of vulnerable refugees in Syria.

'Vulnerable Refugees' are identified by the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) and should not be confused with the complex, on-going migration crisis in Calais or other parts of Europe.

The UK Government had a scheme, we discovered, for resettling these Vulnerable Syrian Refugees in any part of the UK that would welcome them. We thought the Forth Valley would.

You can follow the rest of the story below on the 6 minute video on the history of Forth Valley Welcome or the BBC TV Reporting Scotland report on Refugees from 2016.

History of Forth Valley Welcome